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Jim Matthews Signature Calls are one-of-a-kind custom quail calls with the best sound of any call available. They are made from figured pieces of walnut and other gunstock woods along with pieces of wood collected locally from our mountains and deserts. Matthews takes a great deal of time selecting and cutting the wood so the calls are eye-pleasing, and he hand sands them and rubs in an oil finish to bring out the grain and color. The valley, Gambel's, scaled quail calls are simple rubber band calls, making the "reed" easy to replace. The mountain quail and bobwhite quail calls are whistles that match those birds' calls perfectly. Most are made to order, but he usually has a calls on hand and available for immediate shipment in both the basic line and the completely custom line.

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Hand-made, custom calls made for California or valley quail, Gambel's quail, mountain quail and bobwhite quail


Options Galore!
Truly custom calls, they are available in a wide range of variants & options.

Basic Custom Calls: Prices start at low as $60 for a basic "stick" call. The basic "chamber" calls are $75. There is also a $15 shipping fee per order. Stick Calls are made in limited runs each year, while there are usually chamber calls in inventory. A one-page price list is HERE.
Heirloom Custom Calls: There is nothing basic about these calls. Everything is custom, wood options are nearly unlimited, and each call is truly a one-of-a-kind heirloom you will pass on to your children. Prices for a completely a custom call, start to finish, begin at $90. 
Two-Way Walnut-Manzanita Calls-1133sm.jpg

These are samples of Heirloom chamber calls for valley and Gambel's quail made by Jim Matthews


EVERYTHING YOU WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT QUAIL CALLING! Click here to download a special 2020 revised edition of Western Birds on quail calling. It also has instructions for making a clothes pin quail call. Please use the quail call order form and worksheet below for ordering, not the one in this issue.

If you want to order a custom call, click here to download a copy of our 2022 PRICE LIST AND OPTIONS SHEET. This will have all the information you need to order a custom call.

Available Calls
These are images of the handful of quail calls that are available as of August 4, 2022 (Click on the photo for a larger image and description.) This page is not updated very often, but Jim Matthews Signature Calls Instagram page and Facebook pages are updated regularly with images, pricing, and special sales. Links below. 
Manzanita Chamber Call
Manzanita Chamber Call

This is an amazing piece of field-collected manzanita made into a wonderful chamber call with lanyard. Price is $165 with the $15 shipping included.

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Myrtle Burl Chamber Call
Myrtle Burl Chamber Call

This is a stunning piece of Oregon myrtle burl made up into a chamber call with lanyard. With the wood upgrade and lanyard, this call is $145 with the shipping included.

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Matched Set of Calls
Matched Set of Calls

This is a matched pair of calls -- one double call for Gambel's or valley quai and the other one of my new mountain quail calls (or whistles). They are both made from the same pieces of knotty mesquite and eucalyptus. Only sold as a set for $170. #quailcalls #customquailcalls #jimmatthewssignaturecalls #mountainquailcalls #quailcallsets

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Manzanita Chamber Call
Manzanita Chamber Call

This is an amazing piece of field-collected manzanita made into a wonderful chamber call with lanyard. Price is $165 with the $15 shipping included.

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How do these calls sound?

     Here's a short video that shows you how these custom calls sound. This video features a three-way call that includes, valley quail, Gambel's quail, and mountain quail calls in the same call -- and all three sounds are demonstrated using this one call.



What others are saying:


Here's a review of my three-way call by Jorge Ramirez at Upland Jitzu, The Art of Upland Hunting. Here is the direct link to the story. (Published Dec. 15, 2018)


You can read a review of Jim Matthews Signature Quail Calls at Ben Smith's Arizona Wanderings website at this direct link. (Published Jan. 25, 2016)

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