Help Define California's Lost Quail Habitat and Range


     Over the past 50 years, California hunters across the state have noticed that quail numbers have declined and their range shrunk -- for all three species. California's Department of Fish and Wildlife has done little research and has little historical data on these losses, and the agency has done almost nothing to expand quail range and numbers.

     Western Birds is organizing a simple project aimed at defining the loss of quail range, habitat, and water sources. It is especially important to document areas -- especially on public lands -- where quail once existed in good numbers but have disappeared. 

     Hunters are being asked to probe their memories and the memories of older hunting family members and friends to chart places where birds have disappeared, and where year-around water sources have dried up or been removed. The simple goal is to define areas that could and should have quail and then encourage the DFW to restore those populations just like it's done with bighorn sheep and tule elk.

-- Jim Matthews

The Survey Form

Please Share

The simple survey form here is a PDF form document that can be downloaded and shared with other quail hunters. It is simple to fill out and can be e-mailed back to Western Birds at We will start a database of lost quail range and water sources.

What You Can Provide

Please don't worry if you can't provide all the information on this form. The most important data is where quail once existed where they are no longer found. Be as precise as you can.

What NOT to Provide

We do not want areas where birds currently exist. We do not want you hunting spots. We want historic data on where quail were once hunted but are no longer found.

Other Help

We are looking for graduate students, Eagle Scouts, or just amateur naturalists who will take this data and have the know-how to plug it into GIS mapping software and existing satellite habitat databases so valuable range maps and areas with critical needs can be extracted from this information.


If you have questions, suggestions, or want to volunteer to help with compiling this information, please contact Jim Matthews at 909-887-3444 or via e-mail at

Please share this information by e-mail: A PDF flyer on this project is available HERE