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If it is, you’ve come to the right place. Our Western Birds newsletter (and this web site) is the No. 1 source for Southern California bird hunting information in the world. Period. We can make that claim because Western Birds is unlike any other hunting publication on the market. We tell you where to find birds. Exactly where! We don’t give you a mountain range or tell you the name of a National Forest, like other hunting publications. We publish maps with Xs on them and GPS coordinates of where we’ve seen birds. Western Birds is a detailed scouting report. We publish the kind of information you’d get from a hunting buddy – your best hunting buddy. We may be the only source you can find for guzzler and spring locations throughout Southern California. We tell you which waterfowl blinds shoot best on public hunting areas. We cover everything from snipe to ptarmigan to waterfowl, focusing heavily on quail, chukar, and dove hunting spots. If you are a Southern California upland bird hunter and you don’t subscribe to this publication, you are wasting a lot of scouting time and hundreds of dollars a year on gasoline going to unproductive places.

There’s a reason Western Birds has developed a cult-like following with dedicated bird hunters in this region. Check out the links below, and we think you’ll understand why – and to make sure you become part of our group, we have a special deal for new subscribers. Subscribe today and we'll send you two special back issues with all of the guzzler locations in the West Mojave (Hesperia to Barstow) and in the Red Mountain Region. See the subscription form below for more details.

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